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Sweet, Sweet Internet.

Oh, internet--how I missed you so! After so many days, the net connection is back in Cabal. All it finally took was a $10 replacement ethernet card. Now I can do the following:

(1) Check my dozens and dozens of email messages that I haven't touched in five days.

(2) Play Starcraft on Battlenet with auror and others.

(3) Freaking zephyr people.

(4) Order from Agents of Gaming and get the latest B5 Wars Stuff.

(5) Email players their character sheets using B5 Wars Stuff

(6) Register for the latest Legends weekend.

(7) Online shop for a new computer

(8) Be a major eBay player again. (Looking for Heroes III, Kids in the Hall or Blue Man Group tickets)

(9) Download Star Trek screenplays.

(10) Post more Livejournal entries.

The latter was important, especially considering what has happened in recent days. For starters, a man was shot and killed practically a block from where I was. I'm used to it being from Miami and New York, but auror was spooked. It's things like this that make me consider moving out, probably to a single. Also, I crammed a 40-hour work week into 2-3 days due to a major project at the office. Since I pretty much did everything by Monday, I was bored yesterday and today. It finally gave me time to have a date with auror at Marche. Dozen roses. Yummy crepes. Auror in a skirt. Now I understand her addition to Heroes III. Last night was...
I now also have time to talk and visit rigel and bester more often, especially since I (1) am a games campaign with them, (2) Playstation 2 rocks, and (3) my crush on rigel. It feels like I'm jamming five days worth of memories into a few sentences. Not enough words to do justice in expressing my relief. Wished I had connection before I sent my mother her birthday present for the 15th. (Yes, she has a birthday on the same day as the IRS.)
It just feels so good now. The only problem is that I have to work in less than six hours, and I'm so tired.
To be continued.
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