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This Week

It has been a long time since I posted an entry, mostly because of two reasons (1) My DSL cable service was shot to hell the past two days (had a case of email withdrawal), (2) my supervisor "advised" me not to surf anymore. That was OK, considering that there is a huge Monday deadline that everybody is working weekends on. It's a killer on the social life. Need to spend more time with auror. These past two weeks have been a kick in my complacency both professionally and personally.

Had a series of talks with both auror and rigel this week. Won't go into details, but I'll give you a hint: Quo Vadimus meets a Buffy musical number. Long story. You can tell by the obsurity and the really early time that I've been sleep deprived all week.

Went to Manray with plymouth, questioner, auror, and rigel. Need to have better conversations with plymouth. Saw my ex looking cute in a corset. Saw auror in a lovely, gothy gown. Danced with rigel. Felt happy for the first time in a long time. Everything after that just became relaxed. The all-nighters beforehand, the angst, the was all peaceful. It felt great. Want more of it. Don't want to be an angsty morbid Goth boy anymore.

In the meantime, while auror sleeps in preparation for her big test (fingers crossed), I'm writing campaign rules and data crystals. It's hard to create a universe overnight. The record was six :)

It's a beautiful morning from my room in Cabal. It's a good day to go out...but first, I should sleep.
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