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Popcorn, Popcorn Everywhere

No kidding, I like popcorn. We're still trying to finish off a large tin from the Popcorn Palace with the following flavors:

Rainbow (pretty much Fruit Loops)
Dark Chocolate Cherry
White Chocolate Cinnamon

We also still have 15-20 popcorn balls from the Popcorn Factory. In addition, out of the 12 samplers fron Dale & Thomas, 8 are left. All are sweet flavors. The savory flavors (including a kick-ass smoked cheddar popcorn batch) are gone.

Right now, my company just bought two giant tins with the standard flavors (butter, cheese, and caramel).

Good thing I like the stuff.

Today will be the last day of work before the holidays for the wife and me. After work, I need to (1) attend a farewell outing for a departing co-worker, (2) do last minute shopping at the Galleria, (3) host OPN, (4) clean my room, and (5) wrap presents.
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