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I've been out of the loop lately. Then again, the folks at GLSE and I are prepping for Saturday. I've spent the past few days prepping not only for Saturday but also the holidays.
Unfortunately, I fell ill on Saturday, so dietrich and imlad's party was right now. Instead, hammercock and I went to the Burlington Mall where we felt more comfortable contaminating random mall shoppers than friends.
It was not even 15 days before Christmas, and already the stores were flooded (except the lone Japanese furniture/nicknack store and the Le Petit Bistro eatery). This further proves that my original strategy of online shopping for the bulk of presents was sound.
We came home to find spacehawk at our place thinking that the party was one week earlier. We sat and chatted nonetheless (though I am still not a big fan of religion, politics, and law).
Sunday and Monday were spent recovering as I took a rare sick day from work and my wife was also under the weather. We're still not 100% today. Right now, we're "well enough."

I still can't believe I'll be 30 soon.
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