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Hello, old friend (aka DROOD)

As further proof of our strange luck with musical tickets, hammercock and I scored some front row seats to "The Mystery of Edwin Drood" last night. We would like to forget the drive to Tremont Street though.

Seeing the show was like saying hello to an old friend that one hasn't seen in 10 years. When I was a student, I was master carpenter for the MIT MTG production. I previously did behind the stage work for an original show called "Robots", but "The Mystery of Edwin DROOD" was my first real musical. It was the one that finalized my love of the stage (despite my lack of singing abilities). I fell in love with the show all over again last night to the point of tears flowing down my eyes, which is a difficult thing to produce these days.

When on a larger budget, everything seemed better: the actors, the set pieces, and the choreography. The cast members were more energetic. Jon Jasper was more angular. The Landlesses were more exotic (and histrionic given the show within a show). Bazzard was more over-the-top. Princess Puffer was saucier; this was helped by the fact that some of the performers were more rubenesque compared to thin college students. Durdles is comparable to a cockney Pig Pen. And Drood was more English. These are good things.

My only regret was that only one of my decisions wound up with the 4 votes. (In case you don't know, the audience decides 4 key elements of the ending--the identity of Detective Dick Datchery, the murderer, an a male-female love couple).
Datchery: Bazzard (My choice was Helena Landless)
Murderer: Princess Puffer (My choice was Revered Crisparkle)
Female Lover: Helena Landless (My choice)
Durdles: (My choice was Revered Crisparkle)

I wonder how much of the vote was the appeal of the character and how much of it was to see the solo number that arises for each decision.

For the record, yes I did give away the ending, but there are hundreds of endings that can happen in this show.

Take this math problem:
(1) You have 5 choices for the character of Dick Datchery
(2) You have 7 choices for the murderer (4 male, 3 female)
(3) If a male is chosen for #2, you have 4 males and 3 females to choose for the love ending.
(4) If a female is chosen for #2, you have 5 males and 2 females to choose for the love ending.

How many different combinations are there total for the show's ending?

EDIT: I just figured out the ending since I should have realized that you needed to take the maximum value of females and males from #3 and #4. Hence, it would have been 5 x 7 x 5 x 3 = 525.

525 different endings for the "Mystery of Edwin DROOD". No wonder why people always come back.

After which, we dined at Pops where I reaffirmed my love of escolar, elephant garlic, and chorizo.
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