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Another Weekend Blur

Thoughts in chaos.
It's amazing how a weekend can affect a person's energy. I left work on Friday pumped to party my ass off. I guess I got what I asked for.
It started with a birthday party. Maybe I should have worn a tux. The thing about crowds is that it drains an introvert. There wasn't much room to be in constant motion. Between that, events from earlier in the week, a cold shoulder from an ex, and the last conversation I wanted to have with a partygoer, I felt a loss of mojo.
The scary part about it was that I was sober the entire time. I'm not an alcoholic, but I have that debate over whether it's better to feel numb or feel lousy.
Saturday afternoon was better in that hammercock and I went to the Vegetarian Food Festival. Believe it or not, I look forward to it. There's nothing like an open mind and an empty stomach when it comes to seeing new, creative ways of preparing food. It was even more crowded than usual. I was actually swept by currents of people on more than one occasion. Nonetheless, we had fun indulging in faux drumsticks, red rice, and our annual order to May Wah's Chinese artificial meats.
Sadly, we were not able to make it to Nahant before the sunset (which is a lovely view from the beach). However, we did visit the Cider party to see old friends from MIT. It was a short visit since we returned to Somerville for Pup and chanaleh's birthday party. We were blessed with chocolate martinis, mint-infused rum, ice cream cakes, and Renaissance cameo appearances. Mojo still off. Then came the late night party.

Ever had those moments in which you are in a room, and the atmosphere is perfectly set to the point in which your very presence would disturb it and not in a good way? Felt that way from 2am tm 4am. Go to default settings: No interference, no inconvenience. Just collapse.

Crashed until about 3pm. Took our time getting up. Sunday was just my wife, myself, and a towel. Indoors with leftovers, the internet, a busted Tivo, and a PS2.

Currently awake a little earlier than usual. I will work. I will rehearse. I will deal with trash. It's Monday. Enough said.
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