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Into the East: The Japan Adventure (Last Day)

8:30am: We have experienced the full force of rush hour commuting in Tokyo. There were some injuries. Somebody scratched my wife's arm. My hands were pressed. I forgot that there are no escalators going down for the Narita Express which is a pain when on is lifting 20 kg of baggage with one arm, 10 kg with the other arm, and 5 kg on the back.

We're taking one last look at Tokyo as we cruised by. We'll be in the airport by 9:30am with 90 minutes to get to our plane. hammercock is getting it on tape. We're a bit tired but we have 14 hours to sleep it off.

8:53am: I will miss the onegiri. I can get it in the Porter Exchange in Cambridge, but it's a novelty rather than a breakfast staple. Just had the equivalent of a tuna fish sandwich with mayo. Fortunately, the overcast seems limited to just the Tokyo area, so the skies are clearing up as we reach the airport. I'm down to my last few pages in this journal.

Note: 2096 films now thanks to ANA.

6:30am (Local time in plane): I'm in a plane back to D.C. We spent our last few Yen on sweets for later on. One item I got was more blueberry gum. hammercock and I stopped at a side tempura place where she indulged in a vegetable piece while I had a squid piece. The Japanese airports server better squid than the fried calamari in certain burger joints in the States.

There is so much to process. So much we've seen and loved. Postcards do not sum it up. Livejournal can't sum it up. I've used up the remainder of my travel journal to document all of this adventure. It has covered London, Jackson Hole, and Tahoe. All with my wife. The adventure is never over with us. Maybe we can aim for Austrailia or continental Europe next time. The sun is rising. The world is beautiful. And life is still good.
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