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Into the East: The Japan Adventure (Day 14)

4:00pm: We wound up getting up at 7:45am and missed the opening ceremony. Fortunately, it's an all-day event and the major ceremonies do not start until the late afternoon. hammercock wanted to spend some time in Harajuku where the young go to chill on a Sunday. A lot of hip market places and band jam sessions. Near Meiji Park, there is a corner where Goths stand there and pose under the hot sun. In Somerville, people like Kaz are eccentric. In New York, they are quaint. In Texas, they are freaks. In Tokyo, they are a tourist attraction. Nice red eyes, though. We actually went there as Yoyogi Park was having a Brazillian Festival with drums and samba dancers. It's where the pineapples are grilled, ice cream comes in avocado, and caipirinhas are sold. It was a fun break between sumo sessions.

We returned to the tournament as the matches picked up steam and higher ranked wrestlers start to compete. I've heard that scandal and foreign competitors are causing a drop in attendance, but the stadium was mostly full. There is ritual. There is psychology. There is the shock of 200 kg men flying off the mat. Let's just say that I'm glad that we didn't have front row seats.

BTW, you can have yakitori with beer and popcorn here.

7:00pm: That was a great tournament. The purification ritual of salt. The 1500 year-old ceremonies. Rooting for...somebody. We're back near the ryokan in Asakusa. For our final main meal, we're in a tempura and noodle place. Don't know the name, but it doesn't matter at this point. It's all about what you find at random rather than the active search. Still no luck with Fruits Basket or a XXL hooded article of clothing. Many apologies to theloriest and feste_sylvain. hammercock can vouch for my extensive search. The less I say about used panties, the better. Blame halleyscoment for that one.

8:00pm: Buzzed on sake now. The question of whether sake should be comsumed hot or cold is answered by this: it should never be lukewarm. If you order it hot, drink it hot. If you order it cold, drink it cold. Don't wait to drink sake.

9:00pm: Writing last minute postcards. Not ready to pack yet. First off, the amount of stuff we got is impressive. Second, how does one easily return after two weeks in Japan? How do I get back to a daily life? Five months ago, I hiked the Grand Canyon. A few days ago, I toured shrines and saw Fuji. Two days from now, I'll be testing software.

11pm: Just got back from another trip to the ryokan bath. The steam prevented any photos. Still trying to determine why the male onsen is twice the size of the female counterpart.
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