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Into the East: The Japan Adventure (Day 13)

3:00pm: The Japanese government regrets to inform you that trowa_barton and hammercock died from an overdose of cuteness upon entering the Studio Ghibli Museum. There was just too much SQUEE there. Drawings, sketches of Totoro, Howl's Moving Castle, Kiki, and even Grave of the Fireflies Yes, I know this is not a real sentence. You get to see the animation process and the libraries used for inspiration. It's like taking a tour of the Disney Studio. Actually, forget Disney. Forget Universal Studios. This is the place where there is a 3-month advance to book tickets. There was so much cuteness without the shameless commercialism associated with Disney.

3:30pm: Having an afternoon meal in an actual vegetarian restaurant near the Ghibli museum. No fish or meat products present, and there's even brown rice served. hammercock was in heaven. One thing I do miss in the States are the steakhouses. I find humorous irony in that, although I am willing to eat a wide range of foods, my choices of restaurants have been limited on this trip due to the company.

12:55am: Currently at a 24-hr coffeehouse. What started as a quest for a famous love hotel called Hotel Chez Moi turned into a grueling 2-hour trek. It looks like the place was famous for everybody EXCEPT the Japanese. I just think that the address was incorrect. We took a not-so-leisurely stroll to the heart of Shinjuku as well as the nearby "entertainment" districts. Places found near there included those from the Pink Box. Unfortunately, we didn't have that much time for a more thorough investigation to search for used panties (long story).

We asked for directions at a place called Hotel Bali An. The staff were kind and patient to go as fas as searching the internet for Chez Moi. Seeing images of Bali An's rooms, which included twin massage chairs, I just said, "Fuck it" and booked 2 hours right there.

Whereas the Hotel Pamplona was about kink, S&M, and cheesy themes, this place was a spa/hotel that was about class, comfort, and pampering. For two hours, we indulged in massages, beauty products, and a bubble bath for two. There was, of course, still hot sex to Japanese porn. (Three channels this time)

Of course, the consequence was trying to navigate the JR at late night. We were able to make it to within 1 km of our hotel before the subway closed. The hours are like the T. The coffeehouse is called Jonathan's where the crab meat is real, there are 10 teas to choose from, and you can order a sesame chiffon cake for dessert. Tomorrow will be interesting as we try to get up early enough to see the sumo tournament.

1:25am: Getting up in 5-6 hours will be...interesting. Then again, we'll probably sleep on the plane back. Since tomorrow is the first day of the tournament, the Opening Ceremony will commence. It will be a sight to see from what I heard.
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