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I came home in preparation for tonight's OPN to find the second of two boxes that we shipped during our trip to Japan. The first arrived yesterday containing our make-up and costuming from Worldcon. This second box was to contain a large portion of the souvenirs that we accumulated on our Japan stay prior to Yokohama.

The box was trashed.

All but a bag, a book, and a plug were gone.

The worst part about it was that we didn't insure the shipment since (1) we were confident in the efficiency of the Japanese postal service, and (2) we already blew over 15000 Yen ($140) on the shipments as is for regular service.

The following items were lost (apologies to the intended recipients):

Pirate Hello Kitty washcloth and keychain for cintyber
A pair of chopsticks for gilana
A Totoro rattle for daily_alice
A book for hammercock's mom
Rose petal tea for noire
A book on "Making Out in Japanese" borrowed from klingonlandlady
A book on "More Making Out in Japanese" that I got
A book on "Making Out in Japanese, Volume 3" for klingonlandlady
Miscellaneous trinkets and eccentricities that Japan is famous for.


Now I have to host in less than 30 minutes.

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