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Cleaning Up

It took a burned mark on my desk where a candle exploded to make me realized how messed up things were in my life. My room is a mess. I've been slacking at work when a major deadline is near. My taxes and bills have yet to be paid. I still haven't finished setting up my campaign. And I have crushes on a couple of people that's pretty much going nowhere. On the latter point, I'm more angry at myself for doing absolutely nothing about it and let them slip away.
So, what am I doing about it?
Did my taxes early this morning. Been cleaning up my room a bit (too much clothes and a DVD player I haven't opened yet). I'm going to sit down and finish my campaign rules so that no more time is wasted. As for the women in my life, auror is right. I can't revolve my time and energy on two people who I have no chance of hooking up with. It's going to leave a bitter aftertaste, but it has to be done. I should have more fun with my life. After all, spring break at MIT is halfway over. Time may be eternal, but my patience isn't.
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