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Into the East: The Japan Adventure (Day 4)

My wife and I have been crashing during the evenings this week. She's still zonked. With the naps, I haven't been able to go online after work until late. Having said that...

Once again, italicized text are comments I made today.

4:24pm: We have navigated the complexities of the JR line to reach Yokohama. It was hard to sleep last night since we had a nap after our evening meal. We wound up waking up at 7am. The morning was spent packing and taking a dip at the public baths. It was a good way to finish our stay.

We attempted another trip to Gora for the Gyoza Center. The weather was slightly better, but it was too cloudy to see anything let alone Mt. Fuji. To make matters worse, the Gyoza House was closed for the holiday (whatever holiday it was). For those who are more experienced with Japan, could somebody please tell me what holiday would fall on August 30th? It wasn't in the guide books. We decided to hit Yokohama ASAP.

During a train ride to Odawara, we mistook a train going straight to Odawara. Instead, it double-backed. We ejected to a stop called Tonosawa. In the middle of nowhere was a secluded shrine. Quite lonely. Caught on tape. We were still impressed by the serenity (and randomness) of this place. In hindsight, I should have done some focused praying give what was happening in the States. However, we haven't logged in since we left Boston at that point. It's still surreal since I'm not a man of religion, and here I am surrounded by the beauty of one manifestation.

On the correct train from Hakoneto Odawara, a passenger fell and smashed her face near us. Our Japanese was rusty, but we administered the universal language of help.

From Odawara to Yokohama, we stopped at one of many bento shops where I purchased a bento box. Still trying to recognize one of the fishes I ate. Yokohama was by far the most complex of the stops we took at this point. We needed to ask a lot in order to find the stop near our hotel. Even then, despite the fact that it was within a few blocks, it took us 30 minutes to find the hotel. It was an adventure. We're currently relaxing at a room similar to the one in Hakone only it has a more urban view. (Also, there is pay-per-view.)

RANDOM NOTE: I can understand the attraction of Japanese women. In fact, I think earlier I saw the counterpart to klingonlandlady. However, they don't have booty. My wife has booty. She also has spicy breasts.

11pm: We saw Yokohama in all of its glory. Amusement park with giant ferris wheel. (Every country has to have its version of the largest ferris wheel.) Huge malls. Very modern. Yep, Worldcon is full of geeks. Felt more crowded than usual among them. This isn't Arisia. I don't know anybody here. We went to a Japanese/Italian place near the convention. The food was decent, the atmosphere was fancy, and there was no one else. Too bad. I had a panna cotta with edamame. It actually worked. The place was near a con bidding party where we dropped off our smuggled cargo of two bottles of maple liquor. The thing that worried me was that the locals at Yokohama think that con goers would sample all of the shops and restaurants during Worldcon. However, con goers don't dine out. Con goers eat con food. This is based on what I saw at Arisia. At the con bidding party, I finally sampled the maple liquor along with some Canadian junk food from the Montreal bidding reps. Pretty good. I heard about the politics of the Kansas City bidding team that resulted in Montreal putting a better bid By then, I was very zonked since I was up at 5am this morning.
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