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Kick Ass Friday

God I love Pseudo Spring Break (for those who graduated from MIT). Blade II sold out, so I went to Jillian's instead. Don't know how long they had a blackjack table, but I felt the calling. You pay $10 of real money for $2500 in fake chips. The goal is to play until you go bust. After three hours....
...I wound up making $10,000. If only it was a real casino. Four years of MIT, probability, and advanced number theory paid off (thank you tmack). Talked to an attractive lady playing next to me who was visiting Boston from Philadelphia. Note: For the sake of sanity, I call normal adult females "attractive ladies" and twinkie students/alums "cute girls." After all, I'm bordering my social life between campus and the real world which can be a difficult juggle.
Back to blackjack. I should mention that not only was I a math wiz at school, but dealt and played blackjack on a professional level--which is more than I can say for the dealer. She was cute as far as female Jillian employees go: (1)slender (slight turn off), (2) slinky black dress (slight turn on), (3) brunette (non-blonds are plus), and (4) the IQ of her shoe size (major TURN OFF). I could have flirted with her, but I found more satisfaction kicking her ass at blackjack dealing by counting cards and chips faster than she can count her toes.
*sigh* humans.
The fact of the matter remained was that I think I mastered enough of the Jillian system of gambling to win at blackjack and help obtain nearly 1400 tickets to have a friend get a stuffed pteranadon. Going to Jillian's with twinkies is cool. Note to self: play the dance arcade game with earthdragon.
Now my thoughts turn to auror. She would have enjoyed the mob. In several hours, I will be dim suming with more people. It's all good.
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