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Philosophical Quandry

I just saw a movie at the Kendall Square Cinema called "Ghost World." I won't go into details about the film. (IMDb it) It looks like a throwback to De Sica (40s Italian realism for non-De Sica fans). A summary would state that it involves a recent high school graduate who has adopted a Daria-esque persona or attitude and cannot seem to cope with the humanity around her, especially when finding work. In her quest to defy the real world, she has alienated herself from her folks and her only best friend. There also exists a man who spends his life revolved around his "78's" collection of old records and just stays at home. I give anybody full permission to shoot me on sight if I have or ever become like those two characters.

I seem to have a reevaluation of my own life every time I see an independent film. In which case, don't see "Center of the World" as a date film. You can kiss your SO good-bye within one hour. Believe me, I've timed this on numerous couples. Long story.
Tags: girlfriend, movies, surreal
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