Trowa Barton (trowa_barton) wrote,
Trowa Barton

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It's so quiet--a sharp contrast to the snowstorm that is outside my office building. Not too many people to talk to right now. It's getting to a point in which I'm working late to alleviate boredom. Most of my friends are busy right now. Probably will just sleep tonight, or play Starcraft in its entirety, or learn Chinese. It's amazing how much I know begins with "Got bored, so I did _____ ." Should try outdoor activities, but it's not the right weather.

Parts of me wonder what auror is doing. Parts of me wonder what USC (cute girl I met last week) is doing. Tempted to bring out my troll warhammer again, but what's the point? And now I'm shedding from my recent haircut. I decided to not grow my hair long for convenience, professionalism, and a sharp contrast to the long-haired men that most of my lady friends are attracted to (variety is a good thing).
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