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I Was A Tolkien Zombie

On Friday, after having a slight case of the Fridays, I joined hammercock</lj>for some ice cream at Christina's. I haven't been there in years, and I missed the place. I recommend their apricot sorbet. Later in the evening, we snuggle a bit and wound up sleeping 12 hours.
Since it was early Saturday afternoon, we had brunch at Soundbites for the first time in a while. Still delicious. After a few errands, we tried to get ready for the annual Zombie March. It was my first time. Hammercock wore the "I can smell your brains!" T-shirt while I became ambitious and dressed as a Nazghul which would have been the LotR equivalent of the undead. We went to gilana's to put the finishing touches and met up with candle_light.

It was packed at Davis Square. The march was fun. Apparently, there were pictures of my wife and I in costume. I had a bit of a problem with strangers thinking I was dark Jedi or Sith. I was like "Dude, I have no face and I'm wielding a sword, NOT A LIGHTSABER". If only the march ended at Harvard Square rather than the Cellar. Nonetheless, there was an impromptu mob at The Burren before we got ready for the Restacking party.

I was still in my costume when I entered. Had to ditch the robe and weapons; otherwise, I would be blind at night. There was partying. There was kissing. There was the realization that the place had a porch. There was the sight of seeing totient with short hair. My brain broke. There was the attempt at reading signals again. (I miss the days of blunt honesty.) There was freaking out lifecollage by downing a martini (which tasted good for 2.3 seconds).

Sunday was pretty much a lazy day. Life continues to be good.
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