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First, I will have a random thought:

If this doesn't teach a lesson about being sober at your own wedding, nothing will:

Now, that I had the random thought of the day, what I thought would be a quiet weekend turned out to be a blast filled with food, late harvest wine, silks, and people. It helped that I was pumped up full of medication. Whatever noire had, I had much of last week. The worst part about it was that the progress made on the sinus headache with antibiotics was shot due to the excessive coughing and nasal congestion. Either way, I was on my best behavior with people though occasionally out of it when it comes to being social.

An IM conversation I had reminded me of this: There are moments in which, after over a decade since MIT and 5 years with the latest community, I can have the confidence of either sunspiral or feste_sylvain. And there are moments in which I am still that painfully shy 17 year-old who came to MIT not knowing how to talk to people.

Either way, the afternoon shindig at woodwardiocom and buxom_bey's place was fun. It was good to see a few familiar faces. Note to self: shop at Cardullo's for late harvest wine.
Then there was the Emperor Norton's Stationary Marching Band. All I can say is wow at the silks, the trapeze, and the aerial hoops.
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