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Much of the weekend revolved around auror's 21st birthday. Tried to do a final B5 showing last Friday, but there were...complications which included the entire Boston UN taking over the theaters (I had a room occupied by Luxemborg of all parties). Resorted to twinkie games and toga parties that night. At the time, I felt the need to attend my old hall's party as sort of a reunion. There were many from all classes who attended the 3E. Saw Cute Girl again, who I will call USC until I find her Livejournal name. We flirted and watched "Animal House" until 7am. Too bad she had to leave that afternoon. I won't forget the time we spent talking and tripping over German phrases(long story). She even quoted Vonnegut on my arm in German ("So giht es").
Saturday was all for auror, though her character died (even longer story). I was glad that she liked my birthday present to her. Need to spend more time with her. In my attempts to form new relationships, I should not lose track of maintaining existing ones, especially after what happened yesterday (much longer story). I'll never forgive myself for that one. Just wished Good Times Emporium was less sketchy. I found comfort in knowing that Manray had more cigarette smoke. Either way, I had fun playing laser tag and winning tickets and T2 arcade games.
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