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The Adventure Continues (aka The Honeymoon), Day 2

We are up. We took our time getting up. It is a lovely quaint room to get up in. We'll have pictures. I just had my first shower in two days. hammercock just informed me that someone put our lightsaber duel on YouTube. Can't wait to see it. So far, this is how one starts a honeymoon. Eventually, we will leave the room.
We were fortunate to have a remodeled studio apartment in the timeshare suites. They renovated it quite well with metal fixtures and all of the luxuries of home. No frying pan, though. Had to make omlettes the hard way.

We just stepped ou on our patio. We finally see the colors. hammercock is currently filming the view of the Red Rock formations. I've never seen mountains like these with reds and greens. A helicopter just took off for a tour. And this is on our back yard. There will be pictures. Oh yes, there will be pictures.

We currently visited a Raw Bar Cafe near where we are staying. Their stuffed mushrooms are great. There is plenty of traffic including pink jeeps. There is apparently a Pink Jeep Tour among other tours. We can also get a NY bagel here in addition to a cheese danish.

We went a mile off the Tourist Center to the Sedona airport. There is an observatory post high up. Here we are seeing Arizona in all of its glory. Words cannot describe it. I was just as speechless when viewing the Grand Tetons. It's like tasting the best New England Clam Chowder then tasting the best Manhattan Clam Chowder. Currently enjoying our raw dish while admiring the beauty of these rocks.

There is no such thing as the middle of nowhere--or the corner of "No" and "Where" for that matter. We are on the top of Airport Mesa overlooking practically everything. There are a few ambitious hikers near us and a few tiny villages near the base, but the rock formations are just spectacular. It's comforting to know such beauty exist and will exist long after we're gone. Seeing hammercock beside me reminds me of a picture in her web site of her watching a sunrise in Australia behind some rocks. The scenery is coming alive as the sun sets. The camera doesn't do justice. I stick out here in Sedona with my leather trenchcoat, black poly heart T-shirt, and black sneakers as they accumulate red dust. hammercock is more blended with her surroundings. Soon, we will be hiking in the cool evening air.

This is how yesterday should have started. After a good 1-2 mile hike near the Airport Mesa, we shopped for supplies for the week. We have stuff for drinks and sandwiches as well as some good champagne. Once in our place, we changed into our swimsuits for a trip to an outdoor hot tub just nearby our room. We were soaking and relaxing under the stars and the full moon. It was wonderful.
We quickly left for a late dinner at a place called the Red Planet Diner. Very themed and gimmicky but they have signature smoothies that made it all worth it, especially amist the background of busts of Rod Serling, ceilings filled with UFO's, and jukeboxes invaded by aliens. We're geeks. We couldn't resist.
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