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The Ides of March

Though Caesar failed to notice the ramifications of March 15 until it was too late, modern urbanites aren't that alusive. So far, I overslept and missed a dental appointment. Spent all of last night in the company of lovely young ladies on campus. It just feels great. And I give great massages. Though hanging out until 5am on a work day isn't the sane idea, but who's sane here?

Today will be interesting. I got a present for auror which I'll probably give before, after, or during my B5 showing (the final four episodes) later on tonight. Afterwards, it's unknown. I'll probably go to Manray. It's perfect timing since auror will turn 21 by that time. I'll also probably hang out on campus. I'll probably see cute girl from last night and night before (since she leaves tomorrow).

Why do I talk like questioner, rigel, and/or laura47 when I see attractive women? Either way, I can understand now.
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