Trowa Barton (trowa_barton) wrote,
Trowa Barton

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Almost Human

One never realizes how good a piece of bread tastes until it is the first solid food eaten in over 48 hours. I was tired of having nothing but water, ginger ale, and Gatorade. hammercock and I were able to make it to our dinner reservation at Aura in the Seaport. I'll leave it to her to describe the food porn. The dinner was not as important as the fact that I was conscious, upright, and taking bites without feeling nauseous. It's amazing how much Pepto Bismo and Tylenol make a difference to a person's well being.
At this point, the symptoms are confusing. The problem was that I had to chip and shovel the driveway yesterday afternoon for a couple of hours. That, plus the dehydration and malnutrition, didn't help my body. I'm still a bit sore. Either way, I'm back at work taking it easy. Apparently, I was the third person in my company to be out on the same day for the same reason. Now, the question is whether hammercock has it. At this point, I'm no longer contagious which is always good.
Of course, I leave home to find all of Cambridge/Somerville glazed.
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