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Was there some sort of game last night?

hammercock and I arrived late last night from a weekend in D.C. and visiting kimberlogic. She is now a PMTI graduate. Wouldn't miss it.

Friday was...interesting to say the least. Getting "there" is not half the fun when you fly United, for the record. What started as a mad dash to get to the airport in time for a 7:30pm departure turned futile as our plane didn't arrive until 9:05pm to board passengers. Short version: an hour to take off, over an hour to fly to D.C., and nearly an hour to get jbsegal's luggage and rental car.
BTW: I didn't understand why jbsegal checked his one bag until my mouthwash and toothpaste got confiscated by the TSA.
The weekend was spent with kimberlogic's father. I'm glad we hit it off despite by faux pas about getting the year wrong on Joshua L. Chamberlain's appointment to General at Petersberg (It was 1864 rather than 1865. Long story)
Most of the weekend was pretty much eating, drinking, sleeping, cuddling and Teaism. I think I gained 10 pounds during this weekend. Hopefully, I won't need Lee Adama's stunt gut. Apologies to everyone I missed at Hot Foods, Dim Sum, and Super Bowl parties.
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