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A LiveJournal Experiment

With plans for the wedding and Arisia, I forgot all about Intercon G (or is it H?). Don't remember anymore. I used to LARP a lot. I wonder if one month before the date is OK.

hammercock is starting to get sick. Whatever was circulating around during the holidays finally reached GLSE. I may be next.

T (at 3am): I am willing to share your contaminated bodily fluids.
H: That's the nicest thing anyone has said to me all day.
T: I'm sorry

Right now, we're thinking about naming reception tables. It's a fun way to ease stress. There are two types of round tables. I get to name one type with sci-fi vessels. She gets to name the other type with celestial star names. It would be fun to seat rigel at the Rigel table.

Bored at work. One of these days, I'll post about the "friends switch".
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