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Wonderful Birthday Weekend

It looks like I'm going to leave my 20s with a bang. I've had such a wonderful few days in celebration of my birthday.
It started on Thursday. Went with lillibet for a trip around Quincy Market and Faneuil Hall. I have ideas for a few Christmas presents, especially courtesy of Urban Outfitters, Museum of Fine Arts, and a couple of Gem stores. We saw an IMAX showing of "Deep Sea Life" before having dinner at Durgin Park. I haven't been there in years. Great seafood and beef.
I was very busy on Friday. hammercock and I took care of a payment to Springstep and a purchase of fish heads before we started to have fun. We went to Prudential Center and toured Newberry Street. Talk about kids in candy stores, especially with Sugar Heaven and Teuscher. Thanks to my mother, I had a gift card to the Cheesecake Factory. We used it for dinner where hammercock got a yummy pasta dinner, I had a delicious skirt steak, and we both shared some fried mac & cheese balls. We later finished the evening at thespian's birthday party.
Yesterday started at noon where we began the process of prepping for the party. With help from lillibet and hammercock, we made three recipes of paella: vegetarian (with fake prawns), chicken/sausage, and seafood. I'm a sucker for ambitious cooking projects. This was no exception. The cakes from Lyndell's were great. We started with four bottles of port and 6 different flavors of popcorn. Then the guests came. A lot of guests came. I was impressed and overwhelmed with joy. I was able to make a mad dash to shower and change to dress up with my sweetie for the party. It was great to see everybody. My thanks go to everybody who came. We wound up with 12 bottles of port. Still sampling them. I just wish I can stop the habit of collapsing in the middle of a party at my own place. I heard that there are pictures.
I was recovering a bit when we went to lillibet and jason237's baby shower. Tom and Steve were fabulous hosts. Three words: My Breast Friend.
Right now, I'm having tea and biscuits with my future wife. So far, life is good at 29. The best part is that we get to do this all over again with a showing of "Logan's Run." Thank you all for a great beginning.
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