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The end of a long project

My game was finished (slightly) and run for 40+ players. I was amazed at the positive feedback I got from the people involved. There were bugs to be fixed and people to apologize, like laura47, for being ill-prepared and disorganized. But people like it a lot. There are even talks about me re-running it. It sounds tempting, but I should catch up on the simpler things in life first like sleeping, eating, and having a job (which by the way I just found out that I'm not laid off from).
It feels like so much weight is off my shoulders, expecially since I didn't sleep for 3 days prior to the run.
On rerunning, I use this quote:
"I'll be the God of Death once again...but first, I think I need some sleep."

On the entire ordeal, I can quote:

"Mission Complete"
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