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Night on Town in Boston

More adventures with sweetie. This time in Boston. We both took out time getting up this afternoon :) Since nothing much was going on this evening, we decided to make an impromptu trip to downtown Boston to see Lisa Lampanelli perform at the Comedy Connection in Faneuil Hall.
Getting there was a chore. Gridlock on Saturday night. Who knew?
Before I continue, I have to say that my sweetie has the perfect combination of geek and chic. We were both wearing our jeans with our nice coats. She had the brown coat with the "I can smell your brains" T-shirt. I was wearing the black leather trenchcoat with the "+20 shirt of smiting". We decided to go to a place called Red Sky for dinner. It was trendy and loud, but the food was pretty good despite the disorganization of the waitstaff. hammercock had some delicious butternut squash ravioli while I had a seafood bolognese dish that was heavy on the lobster which I always enjoy. There was also a tapas menu for which we enjoyed some fried cheese cubes. In addition, the desert menu presented the option of deep fried candy. We wanted to try the Fried York Peppermint Patty but they ran out. Suck.
We walked some more, talking about relationships and prepping for weddings. BTW, if anybody knows how to play the organ, let me know. Eventually we saw the Queen of Mean or who I like to call "The Reamer of Enterprise Captains". Flipped her off a couple of times regarding "Ricky Retardo" (long story). She was funny; she makes me proud to be Latino. For the record, yes, we CAN make everything we say sound sexy ;)
Either way, it was a fun night. Need to have a night on the town more often.
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