Trowa Barton (trowa_barton) wrote,
Trowa Barton

Party night

In hindsight, I probably should not have attended a 5E party so close to the start of my game. Much was left to finish in my areas. However, given how rigourous my schedule was and will be at the time, and given how yesterday coming into the party was pretty lousy (with fear of job loss), I need to attend. Besides, lots of cute ladies would be there. Plus the alcohol would take my mind off things literally and figuratively.
The theme was bar golf or cribbage. Nine rooms. Nine physical challenges. An elixir in each one. I rushed early and downed four cocktails in less than an hour. What surprised me was how quickly my body adapted to the alcohol. I wasn't completely drunk or even tipsy. Some of the challenges were fun. Got to play a Nintendo set for the first time in years. Bounced rubber balls off coffee mugs and into ladies' cleavages. (Personal favorite) The cement mixer after playing alien autopsy was lousy though. Either way, I was loose. I was free. I gave two frosh back massages. I saw plymouth for the first time in months. However, I couldn't talk to her for long periods of time. This held true for laura47, rigel, and cobweb (very lovely black goth dress). I finally got to meet wyndam for the first time. Worthy opponent. The flirting was OK, but needed work. Still haven't mastered charisma yet. Then agan, I was too sober to take advantage of inebriated people. And then there were the problems I had with certain people.
I still need to go back and figure out what the hell I did to get slapped by someone. I haven't been slapped since junior high. There wasn't even signs of intoxicated. Don't know what I did wrong. Even wyndam was surprised. And then there were the people who became rude and obnoxious once the alcohol sank in. I saw some of it coming, but still. The party became full of drunken frats in no time. Shouldn't have left rigel at 4:00am. She thought I owned a car. I thought she knew that I don't even know how to drive. Could have gotten her a cab when I left. Didn't know how sick or injured she was. *sigh*
The strange part was that when I arrive home, I immediately went back into game writing almost instinctively. I'm very surprise at the positive feedback people have given me about my game so far. Hope not to let them down. Just wished that my last night of freedom for a week didn't end in confusion.
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