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Adventures in Hippieland (aka Falcon Ridge)

I always like to call it "Hippieland" because, who are we kidding? You are not going to find a Republican at Falcon Ridge. If you're lucky, you may find one or two Goths (like the proclaimed Hippy Goth vapidblackrose).
But it's a fun place with good music, good food, and good vibes. I know why hammercock likes to go there every year. It's her kind of place.
We left Friday afternoon for the three hour drive to Hillsdale. Had to resort to a Budget Inn near Ravena, NY which was about 40 miles from the campsite. The hotel room was adequate. We got what we paid for.
It wasn't until 5-6pm that we arrived on Friday. From there until Sunday, it was a combination of dancing, listening to groups like Modern Man, disappear fear, Eddie from Ohio, Cheryl Wheeler, Christine Lavin, and Dan Burn.
For the record, Eric Schwartz is my new best friend with songs like "Keep Your Jesus Off My Penis" and "Clinton Got a Blowjob". I recommend getting his latest album. It was worth getting slightly soaked on. We missed the massive thunderstorm that trashed Somerville but caught some of the rain on Friday and Saturday. I'm liking my hiking shoes and picnic chairs (with top covering) even more. There was mud everywhere on Saturday afternoon. Fortunately, the weather dried up enough such that I could get henna some on my arm. It was by the same lady as two years ago who did my starwolf mark.

The only thing that threw me off this weekend was the contra dancing. These days, my attitude is more polarized when it comes to contras: either I like it even more or I hate it even more depending on how well it's done. Usually, it's one of the following that turns me off of dancing:
* Crowded lines resulting in collisions
* Couples who decide to join the end of crowded lines
* Couples who have no idea what to do but join the end of lines
* Couples who talk without listening to the caller, then wondering what to do
* Couples who decide to be ambitious and flourish, confusing other dancers (e.g.: Two pairs decided to form one pair in a crowded line)

It sometimes feels like the Christine Lavin song:
She does contras
And I do contras
And I hate contras
But I like her

The only thing about contra dancing that gives me unconditional pleasure is swinging my sweetie.

Despite the rain, heat, mud, puddles, and bad dancers, it was definitely fun.
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