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It's always difficult to recap the past 3 days for purposes of LJ for fear of leaving something out, but here goes:

Sleep deprivation, combined with back-to-back espresso shots, have left me mentally fried on Friday. Left 15 minutes earlier than usual. I was able to recap with kimberlogic before she and hammercock went to Girl's Night at tamidon's.

When the sweetie is away, it usually means one thing for me: immediate trip to a steakhouse.

In this case, as a bonus, I had the entire house to myself (ignoring the cat) for the first time in quite a while. As a result, it was an evening at The Stockyard with lillibet followed by heavy drinking and gaming. It has been determined that me, a bottle of wine, and a PS2 are a deadly combination.

I was able to make it to earthdragon's Dim Sum mob (another rare event) to catch up with the old Shadowdawn group. It was fun. Unfortuntately, reality set in and had to miss out on twinkie games to deal with errands at the house before housemates returned. After which, it was a quick prep before skreeky's party. We danced. We swam. We drank. We got bit. I was really willing to go through my life without ever tasting Red Bull. People put vodka on this? Unfortunately, the week's worth of sleep deprivation finally caught up with me, and I crashed for 13 hours.

Yesterday, GLSE went to see "Superman Returns" at the Jordan's IMAX. Right story. Right director. Right Superman. OK Lex. Wrong Lois. Good homage to the original films, especially since I was a huge fan of Christopher Reeve after reading his autobiography. (Note: one big difference is that, while Reeve and Routh were cast in their respective roles because of their looks, Reeve was a serious theater actor prior, having went to Julliard with Robin Williams.)

I had the weakness/foolishness/whathaveit to call my mother right after the movie. I won't go into details on the conversation. Suffice to say, talking to my family has been always draining and depressing. It is a constant reminder that I'm gaining the better in-laws.

In the meantime, what the hell am I doing working today?
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