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A Day on the Outside

Yesterday was pretty good. It's about time we had Springtime weather. hammercock and I woke up at around noon to a sunny afternoon. We helped Jack move into his new place. It was a nice place. It was good to see a few people like maedbh7 for the first time in weeks due to rehearsal and illness. We had a quick bite before heading to woodwardiocom and buxom_bey's new place for their housewarming brunch. Wow. That was the kind of geek place that I want to someday live to. Comics, gaming books, Gundam Wing 1/60 models, etc. The hosts made delicious peanut butter pancakes and sausages. I was designated offical mechanic to Liam and Kfir, much to the amusement of drwex, sweetmmeblue, and anotherjen. It helps to know how to operate a Transformer. Coincidentally, my sweetie and I were starting to make public appearances on our minus one year wedding anniversary. Congratulations and praise were given.
After the party, sweetie and I took a brief nap when I received a prack April Fools' phone call from my brothers. (They claimed to be the MIT Loan office saying that I owed them money.)
We dressed up for parties at dietrich's and awfief's places. Hammercock wore her corset that she got at Arisia. She was definitely sexy. I wore my Neo priest outfit. At dietrich's I received a head shot from my photo shoot. Impressive. There was a lot of wine. It was good to see plumtreeblossom and preraphaelite there. They were hot. However, the population density reached beyond critical mass, causing panics and the need to leave.
The party at awfief's was relatively quiet which was OK. I liked the green punch. One of the benefits of partying late at night was that Daylight Savings Time didn't affect our sleep schedules.

It continues to be a lovely day. Good enough for a nice walk.

But first, I have to kill the cat for vomiting on jbsegal's hat.
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