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Random Thought of the Day

After OPN, hammercock and I saw the "Empire Strikes Back" segment of the Star Wars Trilogy: Musical Edition DVD. Then it hit me. The prequels can be made into a musical. All you have to do is (1) eliminate Jar Jar by saying that the Jedi Knights got through Naboo on their own, and (2) have Anakin the same adult age throughout. The opening scene can be based off the opening of "Sweeney Todd" taking place in the Sith medical lab where Vader was being assembled.

Attend the tale of Anakin.
"The chosen one" said by Qui-Gon Jinn.
He sliced a few hands of Jedi Knights
And turned a galaxy without a fight.
His warmth was never seen again,
From Anakin, The Fallen Jedi turned Sith Lord

He left his home on Tatooine
And fought the Clone Wars while still a teen.
But then he said "Screw You" to the Force.
And followed a darker, more sinister course as Vader,
Not Anakin, The Fallen Jedi turned Sith Lord.

Swing your saber wide, Vader,
Use it on Jedi!
Bring them to their knees to cross to the Dark Side.

His face is charred, he cannot feel
He has a mask, and his legs are steel
An iron lung and a long, black cloak
No force bolts of lightning, but he still can choke.
Black armor now conceals his skin.
From Anakin, The Fallen Jedi turned Sith Lord.

Thanks to Emperor Palpatine,
Turned him into a machine
Through his dark eyes, under his hood,
Vader sensed anger that nobody could.
Vader pondered and Vader planned
Said his former master be damned
Vader was cruel, Vader was twisted,
Vader would strike those who resisted.
Vader! Vader! Vader! Vader!

(Vader rises like in Episode III)

I'm no longer Anakin.
I serve a master who's full of sin.
Through hate and fear, we'll go to Hell
The galaxy's doomed now, and I am as well as Vader
Not Anakin, The Fallen Jedi turned Sith Lord.

This concludes our random thought of the day.
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