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Uh Oh

As I bang my head on the computer table......

Last entry, I mentioned how I tend to go crazy over Valentine's Day. This year was no exception. Unfortunately, it all happened *BEFORE* I read my SO's livejournal entry. I think the title "Why I hate Valentine's Day" sums it all up. Irony worthy of Alanis. I can understand her pain to some extent. My Valentines prior to junior year of MIT were filled with nothing but pain and bitterness. Being the class nerd in high school didn't help (no dates). I got dumped right after the holiday one time. Don't know how the transition started, but I've been a fan of it ever since. To me, it's a case of looking past the commercialism and exploring the true meaning. It's what's left of the romantic in me that died a while back. As a result, I wonder the outside world (not just malls) until I see something that clicks, saying "It's her." In this case, I overdid it a little. I just felt happy doing it. The fact that this happiness will not be completely reciprocated makes me feel embarassed.

*continues to bang head*

Worst case, I have the receipts.
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