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Fiddler Flashback

During a conversation with hammercock, the topic brought back memories of my time with the MIT Musical Theater Group. I dug up a VHS recording from November 14, 1998. It was the MTG Fall 1998 production of "Fiddler on the Roof" where I doubled as a Russian dancer and a Bottle Dancer.
Hence the correction that, before "Merry Wives of Windsor", I haven't acted in SEVEN years.
A few things I noticed:
* Other than very short hair, I haven't changed much physically in 7 years.
* I need to stop looking on stage as if I was either yawning or seizing.
* I still can't sing
* I still need to work on my splits
* I was dating Ex #1 who played Fruma Sarah. She definitely had the shrieking/wailing voice. I remember the cast calling her "Tina Turner" during Hack Night.
* I'm afraid of being typecasted as a drunken, womanizing henchman
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