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Tahoe and back again

I've been trying my best to explain my trip to Lake Tahoe with my sweetie. However, hammercock was the one who brought her travel journal to the trip. My travel journal is still buried in boxes in my attic. Hence, I recommend reading her words for the better summary.
Like many travel adventures I've had with my sweetie, I sometimes wonder if it was all a dream (or at least a blur):
* A lush complex room with a king size bed, jacuzzi bath, fireplace (in semi-working order), and kitchen area FOR FREE
* Walking distance from the most beautiful lake I've ever seen with water so clear you can see the bottom throughout Emerald Bay
* A romantic afternoon cruise through the lake with lovely views of the mountains
* Snowhiking in Heavenly Village with snow so clean you can eat off it (which we did)
* Delicious food ranging from wild salmon to a 1/3 lb burger to a portabello stuffed with pesto and cheese
* Having a Waffle Sunday!
* Returning to the casino and blackjack table for the first time in years (and getting 150% returns).
* Finding out that more snow fell back home than in the ski resorts
* A romantic moment when hammercock and I were walking on the longest pier in Tahoe and gazing at the stars while seeing the nightlife of the surrounding wilderness.

The most important part was that we made magic wherever we went.

Now it's time for holiday shopping and getting old(er). As a reminder:

Midwest Grill
December 16, 2005
Come one. Come all.
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