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Wish Lists (and the death of traditional holiday shopping)

Not really.
I just like saying it.
Personally, I'm a sucker for performing that mini-walkabout across dozens of malls and shopping center to find that one gift that stands out for that special someone. This is coupled with the attempts at espionage and intelligence in acquiring wants/needs/desires through other contacts. (Perfect example: going through a closet to find the right dress size or checking out the catalog that he/she subscribes to) It's mixed. In the case of my mother and middle brother, they have nothing (not even a TV). So, anything entertaining would suffice. In the case of my youngest brother and father, I haven't spoken to them very often to know what they really want. I'm trying to make an ambitious proposal to have some members of my family come up north for the holidays. We'll see.
After knowing the "target" for years, one would think that it would be easy to shop. Thankfully, wishlists online can create elements of surprise when you realize "OMG, he/she actually wants that?" albeit in shorter formats. It reduces the chance for said target to return a gift. Also, there's that need for coordination to avoid having a person receiving multiple copies of the same gift.
Don't know where I'm going with this.
Maybe I'm just being random.
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