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Sleep when I die

I've been here since 8am. There's a reason, really.
I missed the excitement, anticipation, and nervousness from being both behind the scenes and on stage. Friday was my first opening night in five years. The Merry Wives of Windsor debut at Theater@First to a great audience. Everybody kicked ass. I still find it amazing to see a unique audience with each performance.
After opening night, there was tequilla and chai liquor flowing at the post-performance party. I got drunk quickly and sobered up just as quickly by the time I slept at 4am. hammercock and I wound up getting up at around 3pm the following Saturday. Right after the second show, I rushed to the massage party for a quick overhaul of my systems. I think I freaked out a couple of people when they realized how tense and knotted my back really was. All of the tension of the past few weeks was trying to be released.
earthdragon was visiting here on Sunday. Despite going to bed at 4am, I went to the 10am dim sum mob. It was great seeing my old friends again, especially earthdragon, nakor, and bluedaisy. By the time dim sum ended, I had at least one hour before the Sunday matinee, so I decided to nap behind the stage. After the show, and after a dinner mob in Orleans, I crashed at my bed at 8pm. I eventually woke up at 1am. Unfortunately, this meant that I wasn't able to sleep any time thereafter. Already awake by 6:30am, I got ready for work by 7:20am (which is usually the time I get up on Mondays).
This evening will be interesting with bookwyrm's dinner mob. I'm running on caffeine and willpower right now.
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