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The Interview Meme Continues (thanks to lifecollage)

1) I actually don't know: how did you and [info]hammercock meet?
Believe it or not, this was how we met:

2) What were your first impressions of the swirling maelstrom of freakish touchy-feely people that is Greater Suspoidia? How have those impressions changed over time?
It was intense and overwhelming at first since it was outside my social circle at MIT at the time. Imagine an extremely shy person meeting new people, some of whom were 10-15 years older with children at the time. The parties helped alleviate the shyness.

3) Why the passion for movie trivia? What's the appeal for you?
I've seen over 1,000 films. There are moments in films in which I want to escape to. I also had a knack for memorizing trivia in high school. It seems like the perfect combination.

4) What do you enjoy most about Boston? Why have you chosen to make it home?
Boston has MIT across the river. When I graduated from high school, Boston seemed like the place for young, intelligent. It's about the fall. It's about the winter. It's about the history. It's about more advanced, liberal thinking per square foot than in other states. It is the exact opposite of Florida and my old home.

5) What is one thing you don't about me that you'd like to know? You don't get away that easily, mwa ha ha!
How did you and mangosteen meet?
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