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Eit Sharona

Don't know if this entry will have any signs of cohesion after I'm done. My company is expectant to change after changing owners. Benefits will be reduced. I can kiss my personal days and unlimited sick days good-bye. Pay may increase, but that doesn't make things better, and there will always be a good chance that I may be let go. It's not the same company I signed up for over a year ago. Maybe my colleagues are handling it better than I can. Maybe not. I don't have to worry about family or mortgages. I'm also young enough to be somewhat competitive for another job should I lose this one. This makes me want to have long, serious conversations with two old "friends" who I will call Daria and PetShopGirl for the moment. It will also give me their perspective on how they thought about the 10-day I also played in. (All three of us are relatively seasoned veterans of the Guild.)
I try to keep my exhibited angst to a minimum, especially in front of auror. I try to follow a code: when you're down, don't take others with you. Besides, she doesn't want to deal with my problems anyway. I miss game. I could easily ignore real world problems when I'm roleplaying. It makes me forget about work, home, crushes, break-ups, emptiness, isolation, etc.
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