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It's All Good

Normally, I would post about bad things that happened in my life. This is a nice change. I'm enjoying my life as long as I don't talk about two topics:

My family
My job

My father is sick. He claims to have a fever for four days. He saw the doctor on Friday, but I won't know the results until I talk to my middle brother. My middle brother has been traveling to New York and D.C. looking for a place to live. Right now, he is with my mother in Miami as they both weather Hurricane Wilma. Direct communication with the two will be difficult for the next two days. Any attempts at mail would be also difficult since my mother claims that the postman is screwing her over. Also, mail is being sent to my father. Meanwhile, my youngest brother wants nothing to do with my mother since she kicked him out. There is no love. They are miserable, but they did it to themselves. I do not like witnessing all of this from a distance. I fear the traditional holidays.

I'm about to approach the second day of a two-day audit. Casual Friday was cancelled as a result. There are moments of boredom in between projects which are intense and require deadlines to meet. My performance has reached legendary status. I am "The Man". However, this doesn't leave room for growth. Call it the triumph of mediocrity. It's a paycheck that allows me to afford things I like. I'm not my job. The scary part about it is that if I'm this good at something I don't totally enjoy doing...

Life with hammercock continues to be fabulous. Living together has definitely strengthened our relationship. We are even thinking about a pre-birthday trip to Tahoe in December. A few days of sledding, sleigh rides, and tubing.
Life has improved since the break-up two weeks ago. Rehearsals with Merry Wives of Windsor continue to be fun. I'm attempting to do a video documentary of the production from here until opening night. Things are coming together.
The past 48 hours were filled with food porn. On Friday evening, hammercock and I joined lillibet, jason237, and muffyjo for dinner at the Tibetan place in David Square. They have the only dish with tofu and mango sauce that I will ever eat. I also had a little beef with spinach. There is also a moment in which we purchased some bourbon and Melbourne strawberry ale. The bourbon is for one of two sweet potato pie recipes for skreeky's potluck. I'm barely adapting to sweet potatoes, but I loved her sweet potato pies. One of the pies was topped with a delicious cranberry topping. They took a few hours to make, but it was worth it.
And then came the Vegetarian Food Festival.
As a omnivore, I always want to keep an open mind, an open mouth, and an open stomach. Once again, I made a major purchase from May Wah's with their vegan spare ribs, fish ham, crab meat, and chicken. There was also a vendor for seaweed noodles that appealed to me. The peanut butter soy ice cream was also good. Hell, even the "beef jerky" was better than the real thing. Hammercock and I had a great time there with a yummy meal off free samples, though I was briefly traumatized by the video a vendor displayed about the cruelties of factory farmed animals.
It leaves anyone shell-shocked for a while. Don't get me started on the video on veal.
With many parties, I brought booze. This time, it was in the form of two bottles of pomegranate wine. I was in awe at to the food and drink. Mushroom and leek pies (one with sausage and one vegetarian). Pumpkin bisque. Spinach ravioli. I think it was happyfunpaul who brought perogis. Remind me to thank him. Hammercock's pies. Bithday cake. Cheesecake. Cheese. Wine. Music. Dancing. Women in sexy party clothes. Hot tubbing in the rain. Heaven. With each party, I seem to be better at flirtation, but there is always the case of:
"I'm interested in you"
"You know I'm interested in you"
"I know you know"
"Now what?"
Today was a semi-lazy Sunday afternoon in which hammercock and I were shopping for winter coats. There were a couple of great Halloween shops at the Meadow Something Mall. It's too bad that I have to work tomorrow.
Nonetheless, I have a job that pays. I have a comfortable home. I have a sweetie who I adore and who adores me. I have friends. Life is good.
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