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The Interview Strikes Back

Questions were from lillibet
1. What's your favorite thing to talk about? Your least favorite?
I'm a geek. Geeking with others, I can do, especially when it's about Star Wars, Star Trek, Babylon 5, or Battlestar Galactica. And then there are the movies. This reminds me of a conversation I had with miss_chance, in which she questioned some of the logic behind Obi-Wan's tutelage in Episode IV versus the prequels. I spent a good amount of time talking about Jedi philosphies and logic which made sense. In terms of least favorite things, ironically, while I'll talk about it in great detail, I take no pleasure in discussing my job.

2. When you're upset and you want to get away from it all, where do you want to go?
Immediately? Then probably to the Galleria or inside the world of a Playstation game. Back in the day, I used to escape to the woods as part of the Legends LARP, but not anymore. These days, if I plan ahead, I would like to lose myself to either New York City or in the mountains. In fact, hammercock and I are thinking about a trip to Tahoe.

3. What's the funniest movie you've ever seen? The saddest?
I've seen over 1,000 of them, so it's difficult to choose. "South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut", "The Aristocrats", and "City Slickers" are my top picks for funniest (especially with the anime, mime, and running of the bulls respectively). A good runner-up was "Shawn of the Dead". I've seen some depressing films in my time. "Titanic" almost got to me, but then I knew better. "Requiem for a Dream" was very depressing. For me, I would have to say "LOTR: Return of the King" because it is the only film in which I would nearly cry at the end every time I see it, especially when they play "Into the West".

4. If you could star in the remake of any movie, which would you pick?
I would like to play Gambit in the next X-Men movie or a Jedi in a Star Wars prequel.

5. What's the most important quality in a housemate for you?
That had to change depending on where I was. Before, it was the fact that the housemate hated cats as much as I do. Seeing where I live now, I don't have that luxury. Nowadays, the housemate would have to be someone whom I can have a nice, casual chat with while popping a DVD, surfing the web, or gaming. In other words, the housemate makes me have a better time outside my bedroom than confined inside.
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