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"My Life is a Flood..."

It's raining...again. I'm currently working since I opted not to take personal time. I'm trying to save up on my vacation days for the holidays. I still need to figure out what to do about it.
My mother stated that she can't take time off from BOTH of her jobs to visit for Thanksgiving. She hinted (with a sledgehammer) that I should visit her. It's always bittersweet every time I talk to her. She is alone most of the time working two jobs to make ends meet. However, she kicked my youngest brother out of the house because he was being a dick, and she called the police to force my father out because he was being a bigger dick. In a sense, she is alone of her own design, but unfortunately it was necessary. Yeah, my family members suck. It reminds me of how much I have been separated from all of the drama that happened in Miami.
My grandmother is undergoing therapy with my aunt in Hollywood, FL. So far, so good.
Due to a scheduling error on my part, I thought that tiurin's weird food's party on Saturday was at 2pm instead of 4:30pm. Unfortunately, I had to cancel it due to a conflicting party at Westford, in which I helped hammercock haul equipment for Local Midnight to perform.
It rained all day Saturday, which made the party at klingonlandlady and frobzwiththingz even more interesting. If I had one word to describe it, I would have to say "psychedelic". The spinning wheel was so mesmerizing. I was served a delicious maple martini among other drinks and food. Local Midnight kicked ass as usual. I never get tired of saying "My sweetie is in the band." There was an arcade that contained nearly 100 old games from when I was 4 years-old. I played "Burger Time" and "Star Wars" for the first time. Rob Byrd was also doing a performance to the background of a projected video of...can't explain it. There was music. There was necking. There was smooching. There was flirting (which I then found out that the direct approach sometimes works). There was also the proven theory that a downpour would not stop hottub action.
Overall, thanks to the generous hosts for their invite.
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