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Random Thoughts of the Day

It's always a trade-off on Monday morning. Either I sleep in my own room and show up to work on-time (or even early), or I sleep with my sweetie and be almost an hour late. Regardless, it still feels too early when you have only a few hours of sleep. It does give me time to have theories:

I just checked the box office reports for last weekend. I expected "Corpse Bride" to be a rival contender against "Serenity" when it opens this Friday. After 10 days, the Tim Burton film only managed a 2nd place ranking (against Jodie Foster's "Flightplan"). Either way, both films only managed box office receipts in the $20 million range. Given a 30-50% drop in the second week for high-profile films, given little competition this Friday ("Mirrormask" is at a limited release), and given a very strong fanbase for "Firefly", "Serenity" could take the #1 spot easily, if not for more than one week. Either way, Joss Whedon wins.

This concludes our random thought of the day.
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