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Saturday was very busy. After sleeping until 2pm, hammercock and I decided to take a walk around Davis Square. In the process, we visited Dave's Fresh Pasta for some ravioli (broccoli & asiago and leek with carmelized onions). We were able to make it back home before driving to the Kendall Square Cinema for the 4:30 showing of "The Aristocrats". I laughed so hard, my brain exploded. (I'm still taking painkillers for that.)
I'll never think of strawberry shortcakes or mimes again. The mime and the card magician were my favorites. We were able to make it back to see Broadway Night.
Tickets: $14
Seeing gilana and chanaleh in long, black dresses: Priceless

muffyjo arrived later and we went with mycroft to Orleans for drinks and appetizers. After a few drinks, the four of us went to miss_chance for Apples to Apples and wine.

I had a few drinks. I should have been better. I was surrounded by cute people. It was good.
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