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A Meme I Stole

Since I was tagged by bookwyrm...

Pick 10 fictional characters you'd have sex with and then tag 5 friends.

Pretty much at random we have:

10. Delenn. There's an athereal quality to this hot Minbari.
9. Mara Jade (before she became Mara Jade Skywalker). Mmmmm. Redheads with lightsabers.
8. Lyta Alexander. Mmmm. More sci-fi redheads.
7. Bastilla Shan from "Knights of the Old Republic". Jedi women are hot
6. Eleanor Frutt from "The Practice". Had a thing for Camryn Manheim for a while.
5. Sylvia Costas from "NYPD Blue". Long story
4. Sally from "Nightmare Before Christmas". Even more redheads
3. Mira from "Knights from the Old Republic 2". Even more Jedi redheads
2. Anybody for "Starship Agga Rutter"
1. Susan Ivanova. She IS God!

Hmm. Tagging off: Anybody who reads this. I'm sure 5 people will react to the challenge.
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