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Things I would tell my 18 year-old self

(1) It will be a hard life: one without remorse or reward, but you will know who you are.
(2) Don't do Course 6. Should have done Course 2 starting Freshman year.
(3) Do better at MIT and boost your GPA.
(4) You're life will not end at 20. Hell, it will not end at 40.
(5) You will know adventure. You will know pain, but you will know love.
(6) Conventional dating with Irish Catholic schoolgirls are not for you.
(7) One can burn-out quickly if one is not careful.
(8) Leaving home in Miami was the smartest thing you did.
(9) Tell your brother not to call Social Services on YOUR PARENTS!!!!
(10) Concentrate on graduating life with honor.
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