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Firefly Meets Monty Python

I just found out that Alan Tudyk will temporarily replace Hank Azaria in the Broadway production of "Spamalot" on the day hammercock and I will be in New York City. All of a sudden, I have images of that scene in "War Stories" where Zoe and Wash lead the charge to rescue Mal. I can totally see Wash pull a charge like Lancelot with swords and guns. All of a sudden, I'm thinking of "Holy Grail" with the cast of "Firefly". In such a version, you would have:

* Mal playing King Arthur ("An Alliance swallow, or an Eastern Persephone swallow?"
* Zoe playing the person doing the coconuts ("Message, Sir" as she gets an arrow through her)
* Wash doing the Lancelot charge
* Niska being the King of Swamp Castle ("Let's not get carried away about who killed who"
* Simon being Sir Galahad
* River being Prince Herbert ("I just want to......SIIIIIIING or KIIIIIILLL")
* Jayne as Sir Robin ("Bravely ran away....")
* Shephard Book as Sir Bedevere
* The Reavers as the Knights who say "NI!!!!"

and of course....
Kaylee as naughty, wicked Zoot ("Spank me. And after spanking, the oral sex. YES!!! THE ORAL SEX!!!!!") Of course, she says it to Galahad/Simon
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