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Hot Sundays

I am still trapped in my air conditioned room. Just saw two TV shows for the first time: "House" and "Beauty and the Geek".
"House" kicks ass. If I wasn't a fan of Hugh Laurie during the "Blackadder" series, I wouldn't have thought that the actor was British. The character is witty, thorough, and bit of a dick. He's great.
"Beauty and the Geek" was so much better when bridgetminerva and I were MST3King it during OPN. You have women with tags like "NBA Dancer", "Aspiring Fashion Expert" (translation: want to make it rich in the business but no clue how to be an expert), and "Barbie model". They don't even know what the word "inept" means.
The geeky men have tags like "MENSA member", "Never Kissed a Girl Before", "Never Been on a Date", and "VP of the Dukes of Hazard Fan Club". Being a "Dukes of Hazard" fan is not geeky. They don't even know how to touch a woman, let alone give someone a massage. hammercock and I were surprised to see this. They are not Suspects. Suspects and LJ have the right blend of geeky and beauty that TV cannot capture.
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