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Into The West (Wyoming Adventure): Final Day

12:26am: Saturday, May 21
Bit of a lag. One last trip to "downtown" Jackson. One last chance to shop for souvenirs. As much as I want a hat, logic is sinking in on one fact: summer is coming up. Leather and felt hats are not for the summer. I got a T-shirt and some huckleberry tea with some huckleberry popcorn. I like the place where you can buy hats AND ice cream. Right now, the fun of repacking everything begins. Our last dinner deals with eating everything to clean out the refrigerator: steak, salad, scallops, chili (vegetarian), stilton, wine, bleu cheese, and cous-cous.
We have to wake up in 5 hours to make it to SLC by 12:30pm. Our flight leaves at 2:45pm.

The long drive back to SLC begins. The sun just came up a few minutes ago. We've been gone so long, we forgot when the return flight leaves. The snow is continuing to melt in the mountains.

At the airpor. Waiting for the call to be boarded. It was nothing but clear skies and smooth ride at 75mph through 3 states. I can't believe it's almost over.

On the plane. I end this just as I end my last adventure: on a plane next to a fabulous redhead who I love dearly and who gave me the opportunity to explore another world. I look forward for the two of us to explore other worlds.
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