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Into The West (Wyoming): Day 5

6:10pm: Tuesday, May 17
My first professional gym experience. 3 hours.
Taking another scenic route. I hear rumors of a trip to Yellowstone tomorrow evening. Now, if I can get this chlorine smell out of me. (Water pipe burst in the gym)

We're taking every opportunity to get some shots before the sun goes down. Sometimes the best film are your head and your heart. I want to remember all that I see for the rest of my life. Currently at Alpine Juncture within a mile from Idaho. Somebody got carried away. I don't care. I can stare out the window all day (preferably with earplugs. Long story)

Plotting for Yellowstone. We are heading towards the SW region

Ferry Falls (#73)
Length: 3.6 mi
Class: Easy
10.5 mi N of Old Faithful

Mystic Falls (#74)
Length: 4.0 mi
Class: Easy

Upper Geyser Basin (#75)
Length: 1.5 mi (depends on loop)
Most hiked
Class: Easy
Get brochure
Boardwalks and paved roads
Areas closest to south entrance: 86, 96, 100s Going by the book that bestergave me. The numbers are hot points throughout Yellowstone.

Lone Star Geyser (#79)
Length: 4.6 mi
Class: Easy (Moderate traffic)
Level hike
5 mi South of Old Faithful
Every 2-3 hrs for 10-15 minutes the eruption so I've been told

Lewis Channel Loop
Length: 11 mi
Class: Moderate
Around Shoshonee Lake

Riddle Lake (#96)
Length: 4.6 mi
Class: Easy
Over Continental Divide. Meadows, elk, moose, bear

Boiling River (#1)
Length: 1.0 mi
Diff: Easy
Hot springs

Wraith Falls (#2)
Length: 1.0 mi
Diff: Easy

Artists Paintpots (#4)
Length: 1.2 mi
Norris Juncture
Diff: Easy

Harlequinn Lake (#5)
Diff: Easy
Madison Junction

Ice Lake (#6)
Length: 4.5 mi
Diff: Easy
Norris Junction

Little Gibbon Falls (#7)
Length: 1.2 mi
Diff: Easy

Tower Fall (#41)
Length: 0.5 mi
Diff: Easy (Take a sweater)

Ribbon Lake (#42)
Length: 4 mi
Diff: Easy (Grand Canyon)

Canyon Rim South (#42)
Length: 3.2 mi
Diff: Easy

Brink of the Lower Falls (#46)
Length: 1.5 mi
Diff: Moderate (stairs)

Mount Washburn (#52)
Length: 5.5 mi
Diff: Moderate (Wildflowers and big horned sheep)

Cascade Lake (#53)
Length: 5 mi
Diff: Easy (Very pretty bison and wildflowers)

Natural Bridge (#95)
Length: 2.5 mi
Diff: Easy
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