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My family is bitter and dysfunctional. Do I really need a high school reunion to see that? In the debate between 10-year reunion and Baitcon, I have the following pros/cons

10-year reunion (Pros):
Seeing people who you haven't seen in nearly 10 years
Letting your enemies know that you doing better than they are (The "Nyah Nyah Effect")
Showing hammercock Miami for the first time
See the family

10-year reunion (Cons):
-Knowing that I really didn't have any friends in high school, just academic competitors who would back-stab you for the chance at top honors.
-Most of the people who will be there are the ones I didn't know when I was in high school
-Can't relate to any of them being a gamer/sci-fi geek
-Couldn't relate to any of them 10 years ago being the only math/science nerd
-It's Miami IN LATE JULY!!!!!
-My family is fractured and bitter. My family sucks.

Baitcon (Pros):
-Seeing a lot of friends who have treated me better than my real family, some of whom I'm attracted to.
-Cheaper than a plane ticket to Miami

Baitcon (Cons):
-A tent is required

Just when I thought I had my mind made up, a phone call to home or an updated guest list starts to weigh in.
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